14 March 2008

How busy is that website?

There is a lot information gathering that goes on online. One bit of information is the frequency that a website is visited.

This could be useful in determining whether or not you want to subscribe to a commercial website. Or if you leave a posting at a website how many visitors will have a chance to see it.

The website is called Compete at "compete.com" will let you know how often a domain is visited. A domain isn't a specific website, but the umbrella address that a website is housed on. Some examples would be Ancestry.com, Rootsweb.com, USGenWeb.org, GeneaNet.org, or Nehgs.org, but not Roosweb.com/~flpcgs.

Something else it does is compare "hits" on domains. This is an example of a comparison of Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com.

No genealogy can be found at Compete, it is just a tool for comparing web domains. Something that you could use.

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