01 February 2008

Genealogy Columns in Newspapers

We are fortunate in our area that the Tampa Tribune runs a weekly column by Sharon Tate Moody on GENEALOGY related topics.

Having a genealogy column, is surprisingly not common in most large newspapers. I found a link to "10 Tips on Maiden Names" that lead to the Tribune-Star newspaper in Terre Haute, Indiana. The newspaper has a weekly genealogy column. And I was able to search the newspaper's website with the term "genealogy" and found lots of other interesting things.

Are you aware of another newspaper that carries a regular genealogy column? Please share that info in the comments of this posting. You can remain anonymous.


  1. The Buffalo News has an entertainment section on Fridays with historical things to do. No there is no columnist. Check it out at, www.buffalonews.com/entertainment/gusto/

  2. Yes, we are very fortunate to have the column, and also, nationally known Genealogists living in our area, among them George Morgan, Drew Smith, Alvie Davidson to name a few. We also have several top genealogy societies in this part of Florida.

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  4. Sharon, wish you were here in London to be at the Who Do You Think You Are LIVE. It is great. Thousands of genealogists mixing and mingling.