27 June 2007

Genealogy Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the newer genealogical resources that are freely available to the genealogical community. There are some difficulties for some with this new technology. A fast baud rate is needed and file sizes are typically very large. These are problems for individuals with with dialup modems and limited hard disk space.

We have setup #1 at the Dade City / Zephyrhills Family History Center (FHC) to download available podcasts. When you visit the FHC, you will be able load the podcasts onto a CD ROM that you can play on your home computer. The podcast are stored on the hard drive (C:), in the "My Document/Genealogy Podcast" directory. There is an icon on the desktop call, "Genealogy Podcasts" that double clicking will take you to the collection.

The podcasts will be from the following:
    DearMyrtle - Many topics, however no new podcasts are available.
    Genealogy Guys - Timely discussions and tips on many genealogical topics; locally produced.
You will need to have a CD player and an MP-3 player program on your home computer. WinAmp or the Windows Media Player Programs will play these files (both of these programs may already be installed on your home computer.)

24 June 2007

Yorkshire Family History Fair

Here is an opportunity to go to Family History Fair in England. Although you may not be able to visit in person, the website has a long list of societies and vendors with information about the Yorkshire area.

Yorkshire, England

21 June 2007

Bee Tree Branch African-American Cemetery - Darby

Another cemetery is in the news. The Bee Tree cemetery is on the front page of the Pasco Tribune today. It seems that it is part of a 475 acre parcel that is to become 300 homes.


18 June 2007

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors

PCGS member George V informed us of this site created by the National Park Service. It has information about more than 6 million soldiers serving in the Union and Confederate branches of the military. There are also histories of the regiments and battles. Cemetery information and prisoners records are being added also.

Civil War Records

1901 Census Index for Canada

PCGS member George V brought this website to our attention. It has an index and soundex for the 1901 Canadian Census. These volunteers are also working on 1906, 1911, and 1851 census records. It is a very big project with millions of lines of data.

1901 Census Canada

United States Veterans

PCGS member Jan B. provided the following information about a very useful website for more than genealogy. These are her comments: VA has made it easier and faster for the public to get answers about family history, old war buddies, or famous war heroes. The agency put on the Web 3.2 million records for veterans cemeteries and burials in
Arlington National Cemetery since 1999. Joe Nosari, VA's deputy chief information officer for Memorial Affairs, said the records used to be on paper and microfilm Private companies have put some of the information on line an charged for it, but the VA information is free. The VA's grave site navigator includes names, dates of birth and death, military service dates, service branch and rank if known, cemetery information and grave location in the cemetery. The VA will withhold some information, such as next of kin for privacy purposes. The site will be updated daily.
Annually, about 80,000 veterans are buried at national cemeteries.

HOW IT WORKS: Click on Nationwide gravesite locator. A search form allows you to enter a first and Last name to find a record of a veteran buried in a Veterans Affairs National Cemetery. If more information is needed click on Advanced Search

US Veterans Information

England and Wales Historical Directories

Historical Directories is a digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales, from 1750 to 1919. It contains high quality reproductions of comparatively rare books, essential tools for research into local and genealogical history.
It is hot this summer ! Grab a big glass of ice tea and some crumpets, sit down in front of a fan or in the air conditioning and check out this site! It has loads of good information.

Historical Directories

New England History

Cathy V finds all sorts of neat information such as Memorial Hall Museum. United States history and New England history is available thru thousands of primary sources that are scanned or transcribed. The information is based in Massachusetts. Interactive student activities presented in age appropriate formats is available. You can also create your own virtual collection for a research project.

Memorial Hall Museum

California Death Records

PCGS member Virgina B discovered a resource to get California Death Records. The data available is for deaths occurring between 1940 and 1997. Some websites used to have this data available and they removed it but you can find it at the following website:

California Deaths 1940-1997

Port of Boston 1848-1891

Over one million immigrants came through the Port of Boston during this time period. Volunteers at the Massachusetts Archives have indexed the registers of these immigrants. This is a great starting point for researching for people coming into Boston. Please refer to the website for specifics of what is available.

Port of Boston Immigrants

Missouri Death Certificates

PCGS member Jan B found this information for Missouri research. Her comment: Did you know MO now has Death indexes online? Here is a link if you want to check it out. Some of the indexed names have a pdf of the certificate

Great find, Jan !

Missouri Death Certificates

Irish Newspapers

From Cathy V, 2007 PCGS President: A pay per view site but very inexpensive and well worth the price if you need to find information on an Irish ancestry. Some of the papers go back to the 1700's.
You can register and receive 10 free credits. They do not ask for credit card information to register and receive the 10 free credits but do ask for an address. Each view of an image is one credit and I checked the price to purchase more credits which costs 10.00 for 20 credits which makes each view about .50 each. You can save the image for reading later or to print.

Once you enroll they will send you and email with a link. Simply click on the link and then type in your email address and password on the right side of the web page.

You can use the search box to search for a surname.

Irish Newspapers

Michigan Cemeteries

The Library of Michigan has compiled an extensive collection of 3,700 Michigan cemeteries that exist now and also cemeteries that are no longer in existance (they use the term obliterated). Very good descriptions accompany in the cemetery detail.

3,700 Michigan Cemeteries

Historical Postcards 1¢

PCGS member George V. discovered this web site with historical penny postcards. They have a nice selection from all over the United States, and if you want to start collecting postcards from eBay, this would give you a good idea of what is available. You can also get an idea of the photographic history of an area. The quality of the postcards is excellent. Thanks for the information, George !

Penny Post¢ards

Heritage Travel

During the summer time travel you may be on the same trail as your ancestors. Check out this website. It is loaded with information. There is much more information here then you may perceive from the opening page. The entire United States is included, not just the paths taken to leave New England.

Roots & Routes Heritage Travel

Ontario Canada 1865-1883 Immigration

PCGS member Jan B has discovered this website that has over 29,000 people listed on the Toronot Emmigration Registers. They are from a four volume set covering the time period of 1865 to 1883 for people traveling in Ontario, Canada.

Toronto Emigrant Registers

England Documents

The National Archives in England has been scanning and indexing their extensive record holdings. Searching their records provides a good description of the items they have. Once a relevant item is found, it can be ordered for a very small fee and they will copy and send it to you. This is certainly a good site to check out and as time passes more records will be available.

England's National Archives

Essex County, Massachusetts

So many of our members have New England Ancestors and the hot spot is often in Essex County, Massachusetts, home of Ipswich, Massachusetts. PCGS member Don M. discovered an extensive transcription of wills from this county. The wills are indexed by name on this page. There is more research information on the Main Page for Essex County. This is a great find. Thanks, Don !

Essex County Wills

17 June 2007

Out of print books available

Jan B discovered this website and they publish out of print and out of copyright books of local histories. Most of their products cover the New England states but they also have some for Georgia and other states. If you don't see what you want, send them an email. They could very well be working on getting something ready that would be helpful to your research. They have several search options, that might help determine if there are helpful publications.

Between The Lakes

West Virginia Birth, Marriage, & Death Records

Cathy V. discovered this website for West Virginia vital records. It looks like it would be very helpful.
Just click on birth - death - marriage and it will take you to a search page.
If you get a name back, you can click on the name and get information or, click on the link at the right end of the line (image size) and view the image.
What a great find.

West Virginia Vital Records

16 June 2007

Pennsylvania Genealogy Collection

Cathy V, PCGS President, found the site noted below. It is with the Pennsylvania State Library System. In the upper right corner of the screen, a surname can be typed in and searched for all the scanned images they have. These images can be saved or printed. There is a very large collection of items and they are free to access, save, print. What a great find for those searching in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Digital Repository

Allegheny County Birth and Death Records 1870-1905

The Allegheny County, PA birth and death records are available at the Pittsburgh Carnegie Library. The link post in the next paragraph will get you to their web page that provides instruction. PCGS member Jan S. has found the folks at this library to be very helpful. Thanks Jan for this information.

Allegheny County PA

Massachusetts Vital Records 1841-1910

George found good information for Massachusetts Vital Records. The website provides useful information. Here is his email and the link: Massachusetts researchers are in luck! The Massachusetts Archives has recently published a searchable index to deaths that occurred in Massachusetts between 1841-1910.
Each index entry will include the person's first and last name, the town or city where the event occurred, the year, volume number, and page number. The database is searchable by first and last names, year, and location.

Massachusetts Vital Records

A new book for the library

When out and about, once in a great while at thrift stores and yard sales, there are great genealogy finds. I found this Hernando County History book in mint condition and will donate it to the PCGS Library. These history and reference books are very useful. When books are no longer needed in one's personal library, then it is good to donate them directly to an appropriate library for more people to have access to the book. The PCGS Library located at the Church of Latter Day Saints, 9016 Fort King Rd Dade City, FL. This book will be in the library by the end of the month.

06 June 2007

So what about Leesburg?

In today's Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, Dick Eastman announced that there is a new library in Leesburg, FL.

You might think so what, but then why did he mention it. There must be some genealogical treasure at the Leesburg Public Library. It isn't that there is a large genealogical collection on the shelves. In looking some more, it seems that the library has in its online database access to NewEnglandAncestors.org which is operated by the New England Historic Genealogical Society. You will have to travel to the Leesburg Public Library to access this database.

Leesburg is about an hour's drive North of us. From I-75 you want to take the Wildwood exit and drive East. Considering the downtown Tampa library [Judge Germany Library] is also about an hour's drive. As is the drive to the Polk County Historical and Genealogical Library in Bartow. Leesburg is a small town so the parking should not be an issue. You can also drive most of the way on US-301 instead if Interstate driving is a bother. Use Google to make you a map there by either route.

If only I had New England ancestors!