18 October 2007

Online Digital Records for Georgia

Historically many of Florida's families migrated from or slowly through Georgia. Sometimes they left records and sometimes the left branches of the family behind in Georgia.

There are a few good places to see Georgia records online in many cases images of the original record. One website to try is the Digital Library of Georgia, another is the Virtual Vault in the Georgia State Archives, and also check the Encyclopedia of Georgia. It is wonderful that we can view these records on our computer screen and make print copies for our personal collection.

A new addition to the Virtual Vault is the addition of Death Certificates for the years 1919 to 1928. These are images of the death certificates. Dates, family relationships, causes of death, burial location, and more could be found on these records. First question is why just this period, well privacy (80 years and the other people on the record are dead too) and formal death certificates likely started in 1919. Ancestry.com has a Georgia Death Index [a derivative source] that lists more recent deaths.

CHALLENGE : Are you aware of other good Online Digital Record collections (preferably free) with significant genealogical information in them? Please share where to find them online and what will be found in the collection as a comment or better new blog entry.

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