30 October 2007

Delayed Birth Certificates

Have you heard of the Delayed Birth Records?
During the late 30's and early 40's the Federal Government encouraged people to register delayed birth records. Because before 1905 it wasn't required to register birth records universally. Due to the advent of Social Security, which began in 1935, required people to have written proof of their birth and a delayed birth record was a way of doing that.
An article on page 52 of the Heritage Quest Magazine, Vol 20, Number 4, Issue 112, Winter 2004/2005 says the same thing. The magazine is in our LDS Family History Center Library.
Many delayed records are online as well. Do a Google search and enter delayed birth in quotes and about 6.450 hits will take place. Try narrowing it down by entering the town, state, or county name for you keywords.
If you are at a standstill to prove a birth record, try this avenue. You might hit paydirt.


  1. Delayed birth certificates are common in Florida.

    My mother, a county girl, who was born in 1921 did not have a birth certificate. She didn't need one until my parents adopted my little sister in the early 1960s. She had a SSN, voted, a driving license, work for the Federal government, but had no birth certificate until then.

    She had to go before a county judge where she lived (not necessarily where she was born), provide some proof and a witness. You could even be from another State.

    The Rootsweb.com website for Levy County [http://www.rootsweb.com/~fllevy] list quite a number for of delayed birth certificates. Levy County doesn't have a large population.

  2. Tom,
    My father also had no birth certificate and didn't obtain one until he needed a passport to work overseas, that was in the 60's. I remember, and have the papers, that were used to get a certificate. He was required to have three proofs of birth. My grandmother’s word was not enough but luckily she had taken out an insurance policy when he was only eight days old and his birth date and how old he was on the policy.