05 October 2007

Busbice Family History Book Published

Over the last few years our genealogical society has been encouraging the membership to publish them family histories.

Our past president Pat Busbice has recently done that. Uncovering the Secrets of a Southern Family: A Memoir by Wayne E. Busbice with Patricia Busbice was published this August with Authorhouse. [It is also available at Amazon.] The book opens with a large depression-era family working the cotton fields in Louisiana. It does emphasis Wayne's pulling himself up to overcome the book's opening, but then he goes back in to find understanding in his families history. He explores name changes, court records and more to find out his history.

I am expecting a second book now on Pat's side. She sat next to me during the class Pam Tremé and Pattie Schultz taught on writing a family history using Microsoft Word.

At the last membership meeting in September we talked about family histories. Now we have an example of getting it done. Are there more member books we will see soon?


  1. How Cool! Congratualtions on this great achievement!!! Your are an inspiration to all of us.

  2. This is a wonderful accomplishment to have completed. It is also a very interesting story to share. Congratulations to you Wayne and Pat.