08 September 2007

Workshop - Genealogy & Search Engines

This is the first afternoon PCGS Workshop. It will be Friday, September 14th from 2 to about 4 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints on Ft. King Road in the room outside the Family History Center.

We are hoping to have an Internet Hookup, and use the Society projector to actually search. We want to identify the difficulties and problems people have using search engines for genealogy. And we also want to try to resolve most of these issues.

Some issues that we want to address initially are getting no results and getting too many results.

To signup please respond with a comment [below] give a name and search engine issue.

We may not solve all the problems, but hopefully a number of them will be no more.


  1. Thanks, Tom, for planning this session. Our time is so limited these days we need to learn how to get better results from our searches. Sign me up.

  2. How about a session on how to post comments on the PCGS blog and a session on how to post photos news items on the blog.