12 September 2007

Tutorial: Getting started Blogging

I made a tutorial at
The word tutorial is linked

Most of the society members have opinions and news. Only a few have no opinion or news. However only a few post to the blog and most don't post. So it must be blog training you need.

You have seen that the postings cover a large variety of topics.

Cathy Vance sent out invitation to the society members to join the Blog and it was intended for you to participate not just read.

I will be looking for some new postings. At worse, comments about this one.


  1. Hey Tom--Thanks for providing instructions. I'm sure that everyone will appreciate them as the visit the blog.

  2. Thanks, Tom for providing us this tutorial. Even I, understood how to do it. I wasn't signing in and that is why I couldn't post. I will try to add something next week. I hope others will try their hand at blogging. I have really enjoyed reading the wealth of information contained on our blog. Thanks again.

  3. Great instructions Tom. Thank you for posting them.