11 September 2007

Son of Presidents and Tribal Chiefs

Son of Presidents and Tribal Chiefs is the title of a 5-page special report in the Chicago Sun Times about Barack Obama's family tree. It isn't that the Sun Times has a genealogy columnist, the report is by the Political Editor, Scott Fornek. Unless Mr. Obama does something unforgivable, he will remain an Illinois favorite son.

The interactive family tree presentation is remarkable. The print issue cannot be as good. The standard genealogy links are nothing special, but do include additional links to Chicago and Illinois resources.

I cannot say anything good about Mr. Obama since he [along with other democrats] has written off the people of Florida. I just am fascinated by the sophistication of the report about him.


  1. Wow, I truly have a problem with putting political stuff on our genealogy blog. I hope this doesn’t open a can of worms with people posting charts and such on all the candidates. I know there is a lot of genealogical content in the article that was referenced but we can find that on any candidates, republican or democrats.

  2. There wil be a lot of e-mail out on all candidates, as if we haven't had enough already. Just remember most of it willnot only be exaggerated but just plain false, so you should check it out before automatically forwarding. We certainly don't need it on the blog. Frankly, I haven't seen anyone worth writing about yet.

  3. It seems I wasn't the only one who found the article interesting. Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter also picked up on it.

    Eastman improved the title to read, "Descendant of Presidents, Thieves, and Tribal Chiefs," which is more on target.

  4. I subscribe to Dick Eastman's newsletter but I read it here first,Tom. Way to go. This is what a blog is for, to bring our members up to date genealogy news. As far as politics, I don't want to see dialog either about politicians. However, I would like to get my genealogy finished, so I am running for the first office available ,because "the best way to get your genealogy is to run for office." an old adage.
    What "Mike" said is very true about the genealogy facts being scewed. One has to be careful when you are reading famous people's genealogy, but it is fun reading. Either way, it does show how important it is to have our genealogy completed before we get famous!
    I hope everyone reads the Dick Eastman's letter.