15 September 2007

Getting more out of Google

The Google Guide for Making Searching Even Easier might be something you should look into. It is easy to follow and you might find some trick useful.

If you have looked for help from Google while you are searching, it isn't readily available. On this website, there are explanations and likely features you didn't know existed.

No, Google isn't a genealogy or surname search engine, however genealogical and surname searches can be done. Just because it is free doesn't reduce the value of the results. Most of the free genealogy website that are online are searched by Google.

1 comment:

  1. Tom,
    I googled for ancestors long before it became popular. It can be very fruitful especially if you have a well known relative. However, I have used it to search for the history of the area your ancestor lived and geographical information. You can find information about how your ancestors lived and this helps understand their daily lives. You can find important links to wesbsites that you never knew existed. You can search for everything and I find it a very important tool. I hope other members try googling on their brick walls before they give up. Be creative, think outside the box when you start searching. Thank you for this guide.