02 August 2007

Spanish Record Extraction Guide

Have you found old records in another language? That should not be an impediment; that old record could be a goldmine of information.

I found online a Spanish Record Extraction - An Instructional Guide at http://immigrants.byu.edu/Downloads/Spanish_Extraction_Guide/Default.htm This website contains some very large pdf-document links that will require that you use faster than dial-up baud rates.

This guide show you how to treat Spanish vital records every mechanically to extract names, dates and places. This guide has tips on handwriting, typical given and surnames, words identifying events and actors, and calendar dates and phrases.

Wow, I wish that I could find a German version too. If you find one, please share it.

One of my best Spanish documents is my uncle's baptismal certificate. It contains his parents, grandparents and great grandparents. It also has dates, place and witnesses.

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