20 August 2007

Organized Surname Searching

Sometimes you have a surname that you can't find much more on. Well I found two search engines that search for surnames: Linkpendium and the Surname Navigator

Linkpendium at http://www.linkpendium.com/genealogy/USA/sur/ gives an organized list of online place to look for your surname of interest. If you are search for a surname, do not enter anything in for location searching. What Linkpendium finds are message boards, mail lists, websites, biographies, DNA projects, alternative spellings and a few odds and ends. It is almost exclusively America, Canadian and British resources that it finds.

Surname Navigator
at http://www.kuijsten.de/navigator/ links to a number of databases (not all of them free.) WARNING: Uncheck most of the databases, searching all at once will overload your Internet browser. This search includes more of the world. However it also searches for living people. For the not-for-free finds take what they give and look into some of the other findings that are free.

With both of these search engines you will need to use your discretion as to whether to further pursue the leads that are generated.

Some areas that are missed are interest groups associated with Yahoo, ThirdAge, Google and the like. They find most of the surname hang outs. Of course if the surname is common or a place name these search engines will provide irrelevant findings.

Well try these search engines out, if you find them useful, the add them to you bookmarks or favorites.

If you know of similar search engines, please add them in the comments.

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  1. Linkpendium on the Pasco Genealogy Website, Research Links page. They have developing this site for a year or so and the large benefit of the results is that they are all genealogy related.