28 August 2007

Oral Histories through Tampa Library

The Florida Genealogical Society [of Tampa] has kindly posted links to oral histories of Tampa that are available online through the Tampa Hillsborough Library System.

The link is on the Florida Genealogical Society's Blog. The first history was with Braulio Alonso. This is the teacher who helped my father complete high school when he came home from World War II. Braulio was also honored by Hillsborough County Schools by naming the new high school that is northwest of Tampa, Braulio Alonso High School.

There must be 40 interviews altogether.

Stealing from the library these interviews will provide the listener a slice of life in Tampa of yesteryear. There is more than Cigar Factories, Ybor City and Gasparilla.

Additional Information:
There are other oral history collections on Florida. The largest seems to be the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program at the University of Florida. It can be searched and includes outside resources. So far as I have found all these interviews are transcribed.

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