27 July 2007

Back to School and Genealogy

I received this from a list I am on and thought you all might be interested in it. It is something that I haven't thought about but good advice.


Remember that New Years resolution you made to organize your genealogy notes, letters, computer print outs, etc. Now is the time to buy the supplies.

Over the next few month there will be many Back to School sales. You can use these items for organizing your genealogy records. Check your newspaper for sales and COUPONS.

They have notebook paper, 3 ring binders, and spiral notebooks on sale.
Another good item is the kid?s assignment calendars - these are great for keeping track of "TO DO" lists. Look for stackable file boxes - they are plastic - not too large - and you can easily carry them around.

Take a trip to the store and see what may help solve some of your organizational problems.
Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes each day and use that time to file and organize you papers. If I only listened to my own advice!!!

Happy Hunting,

Kathie Mirabella
Macoupin County, IL Mail List Manager


  1. And, don't forgot PENCIL BOXES! These are great for a trip to the library or across the country! Have you pencils, pens, highlighter, etc all in one place.

  2. There has been some really great bargains this year during the back to school shopping. Great idea, Cathy !