18 June 2007

United States Veterans

PCGS member Jan B. provided the following information about a very useful website for more than genealogy. These are her comments: VA has made it easier and faster for the public to get answers about family history, old war buddies, or famous war heroes. The agency put on the Web 3.2 million records for veterans cemeteries and burials in
Arlington National Cemetery since 1999. Joe Nosari, VA's deputy chief information officer for Memorial Affairs, said the records used to be on paper and microfilm Private companies have put some of the information on line an charged for it, but the VA information is free. The VA's grave site navigator includes names, dates of birth and death, military service dates, service branch and rank if known, cemetery information and grave location in the cemetery. The VA will withhold some information, such as next of kin for privacy purposes. The site will be updated daily.
Annually, about 80,000 veterans are buried at national cemeteries.

HOW IT WORKS: Click on Nationwide gravesite locator. A search form allows you to enter a first and Last name to find a record of a veteran buried in a Veterans Affairs National Cemetery. If more information is needed click on Advanced Search

US Veterans Information

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