27 June 2007

Genealogy Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the newer genealogical resources that are freely available to the genealogical community. There are some difficulties for some with this new technology. A fast baud rate is needed and file sizes are typically very large. These are problems for individuals with with dialup modems and limited hard disk space.

We have setup #1 at the Dade City / Zephyrhills Family History Center (FHC) to download available podcasts. When you visit the FHC, you will be able load the podcasts onto a CD ROM that you can play on your home computer. The podcast are stored on the hard drive (C:), in the "My Document/Genealogy Podcast" directory. There is an icon on the desktop call, "Genealogy Podcasts" that double clicking will take you to the collection.

The podcasts will be from the following:
    DearMyrtle - Many topics, however no new podcasts are available.
    Genealogy Guys - Timely discussions and tips on many genealogical topics; locally produced.
You will need to have a CD player and an MP-3 player program on your home computer. WinAmp or the Windows Media Player Programs will play these files (both of these programs may already be installed on your home computer.)

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