10 May 2007

Scanning and Documenting Photos

Society member Virginia Britten is very busy on her summer project of getting all her family photos scanned and documented. So far she has scanned 350 photos at high, publication quality resolution. They are backed up to an external hard drive and also burned on CD's. They are available to share with family members. All photos here are scanned. She has 2 laptop computers attached to her scanner and has one or the other scanning all day long. (There are 2 connections on the back of the scanner and she keeps it going all day long.) She is using Photoshop Elements. This program allows her to include all the information she has included on the back of the photgraph in a caption to be included with the photo. As you can see, she is using archival safe pens called Zig Photo Signature from EK Success. At the end of the day, she shares the slideshow presentation of the day's work with her husband of 50 years. They can reminiscence and have a very enjoyable evening.
The photos are scanned at a minimum resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi). Some are scanned at 1200 dpi. They are then repaired, if necessary. The color and contrast is enhanced. The files are then saved in the .tif format.
She has removed all photos from the 'magnetic photo albums' since that type of photo album (very popular in the 1970's and 1980's) is very destructive to any photo. She has also found that Polaroid photos have a bit of smell that may be harmful to other nearby photos. She has put the Polaroid photos in archival albums keeping each photo seperate to prolong the quality of the photo.
This is a wonderful way to spend the summer enhancing her genealogy research and making it available to share with all her family members.


  1. WOW can I hire her??? Great going Virginia.

  2. I think Virgnia has gained quite a bit of confidence in her scanning abilities over the summer and may now be available for hire. She has about 15 gigabytes of photos scanned so far, which is over 1,000 photos. She has about 30% of her photos scanned. She has been sharing them with her family and they have really enjoyed them.