25 May 2007

Cemeteries Seek Breathing Clientele

Cemeteries Seek Breathing Clientele is the title of an article in today's New York Times.

There are old and historic cemeteries across the county facing financial difficulties. The article describes a few clever schemes to raise funding for the continued care of the cemetery.

Here in Pasco County, the financial well being of some of the old local cemeteries is in question. Jeff Cannon's website, the History of Pasco County Cemeteries, has brought out some of these problems.

Not all the local cemeteries are in trouble. There are a number of well managed cemeteries in the this county. The reasons for the successful cemeteries might bear a good looking at.

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  1. The Oakside Cemetery in Zephryhills is very nicely maintained. They do a really good job mowing, trimming and caring for the monuments. Even the older monuments have been cared for very nicely. This is always a relief to see that is treated very respectfully.